Ombre Baltic Amber

Ombre Baltic Amber

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This particular listing is for raw baltic an amber necklace in dark to light color variations. It is the necklace pictured in the center.  Please see my other listings for additional sizes and styles.
Contact me if you have colors in mind that I do not have displayed. I have tons of color options available and can do custom orders. Please visit my facebook ( and like my page for additional information and giveaways.

The benefits of Baltic Amber:

Baltic Amber contains high concentrations of succinic acid,
which naturally occurs in the body and has many health benefits.
It is a natural analgesic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Well known as a teething aid for babies,
amber also helps sooth other inflammatory-related
health problems including:

Digestive problems
Heart disease
Type 2 Diabetes
Multiple Sclerosis
Alzheimer’s Disease
and more...

Standard Sizing
Babies under 2 years: 11 inch
2-5 years: 12.5"

*note- baby/toddler sizes are made with "break-away" clasps. If your child gets caught on something the clasp is made to "break-away" without any of the beads falling off to prevent choking or strangulation. If the clasp happens to "break-away" it is very easy to fix with pliers. Please note if you do not want this type of clasp. It is recommended for children up to 3 years.

The weight and size of your child matters. If your child is very young or small, the 11 inch is appropriate. If your child is very large or closer to 2 years old, the 12 or 13 inch would be more suitable.

Children over 2 years: 13 inch is recommended. Again, know your child (big or small for their age) and a quick measurement never hurts!
Sizing rule of thumb: The necklace should never be long enough to pull over the chin.  The necklace should be not tight like a choker, but close enough where you can fit 2 fingers snugly in between the neck and necklace.